Are you the head or owner of a school?

Looking for high quality supply of customized school uniforms with unique features for your students at cost effective prices?

Imagine getting high quality customized school uniforms delivered to your school premises without delay.

Imagine having your exact school Logo/badge with your school uniform colors printed on them.

Well stop imagining already, because we have good news for you.

At Deans Uniform textiles, we manufacture and supply high quality uniforms to schools directly at low rates without involving third parties or Middlemen.

We are dedicated to supplying schools the very best of high quality products with a focus on customer satisfaction, outstanding customer support, uniqueness and reliability.

As a quality control oriented company, we ensure we adhere to standards without compromising quality.

Worried about student’s uniform garment sizes?

No worries, we determine the sizes of each student according to height.

Why Deans Uniform and Textiles is unique:

  • We manufacture fabrics on our power looms.
  • We carry out professional embroideries and printing on uniforms at our standard stitching factory.
  • Wholesale supplies to schools directly saving parents time and money.
  • Availability of customized uniforms anytime needed.
  • Mouthwatering discounts on all purchases and many more.

So if you’ve been looking for something new, then look no further you’ve definitely come to the right place.

For Orders Contact:

Dean 5714709772